Classic massages

Relax full body massage

Relax massage is a mild, pleasant, manual massage that achieves relaxation of the body by uniting the flow of energy. It aims at nourishing the body for the purpose of raising general health. It serves to prevent stress and break, as well as muscle relaxation. It represents a classic European massage technique which in combination with essential oils affects the improvement of circulation, lymph, muscle and nervous system. It is recommended as the basic type of massage, for relaxation and rest, due to urban and quick lifestyle.

Aroma therapy massage

It is a technique similar to classical massage, with the use of special essential oils, which achieves an aroma-therapeutic effect. It is perfect for those clients who want more delicate massages, combined with lavish aromas and scents. Using a combination of mild massage and acupressure spots, this soothing and gentle massage will allow the healing properties of natural oils to penetrate the skin, leaving the body relaxed and satisfied. This type of massage is applied with the finest selected oils that stimulate the harmony of the body, mind and spirit. Aroma massage works both through the sense of smell and through skin. It improves circulation, reduces headaches, improves sleep and relieves chronic tension.

Anti-stress massage

It represents a combination of relax and aroma therapy. This massage stimulates the positive and stimulating effect on the CNS, affects the psychological processes positively, reduces anxiety and stress. The massage includes the entire body with an emphasis on the feet, palms, head and face. For this massage, we use special anti-stress oils with aromatherapy effect. The goal of the massage is relaxation of the muscles that give basic balance to the entire body, and above all the shoulders and neck along the spinal column.

Medical massage

Medical massage is a combination of several classic styles, in order to eliminate pain or muscle deviations. It is applied not only for the relaxation of the entire body, but also to aid in energy recovery, faster recovery from injury or illness, and raising the level of general health condition.

A better blood flow is achieved, which positively influences the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Reduces lactic acid retention in the tissues and eliminates swelling and inflammation. The medicine massage causes relaxation, which reduces the number of beats, breathing speed and blood pressure, improves the immune system and generally reduces the physical effects of stress. Massage can be helpful for a wide range of different problems, about which you can consult with our therapists.

Sport massage

Energetic and powerful massage. Sports massage warms and softens the tissues, aligns muscle fibers, improves blood flow, accelerates the release of lactic acid from the body, thus achieving faster muscle regeneration. Sports massage keeps the muscles healthy, flexible, and less susceptible to injuries, restores the power to injured muscles, accelerates the process of strengthening, improves blood flow and makes us ready for new and better results in sports and life challenges. The goal of sports massage is to eliminate all the harmful effects caused by increased psychophysical efforts of athletes faster and more efficiently. It is performed using a special oil intended for sports massage.

Duo massage

Duo massage is a massage for couples, an increasingly popular package where the couple is simultaneously massaged in one room, at separate tables, performed by two masseurs. This massage is the ideal combination of romance and relaxation for a couple. During the massage, each individual enjoys a relaxation in his own way, and at the same time he does so sharing the room with a dear person. Treat yourself to a massage of your own choice.