Royal massages

Royal Massage

Royal massage or 4 hands massage is a unique treatment.

This is a creative massage in which therapists, through a well-played "choreography" of movement, listening to the vibrations of your body, recognize energy blockages and balance the relaxation of the body. Therapists mirror each other in their movements, with one always taking the leading role in applying the movement.

The effect of the Royal Massage is like having two massages in one treatment. And the choice of massage depends on your wishes the needs of your body at the given moment. Depending on whether you want to achieve the perfect peace and harmony in your body, to experience the ultimate pleasure and relaxation, or to awaken all the senses and energies of the body, choose one of the techniques and styles offered.

When two therapists put their hands on your body, your mind reacts in a different way. And after an unsuccessful attempt to follow what is happening, you release the mind of all thoughts, and complete spiritual relaxation occurs.

By experiencing skilled and synchronized movements of therapists, you will experience the complete pleasure and unforgettable experience for your body

·         Relax massage

·         Aroma therapy massage

·         Anti-stress massage

·         Balkan massage

Massage with Volcanic stones

Hot Stone massage is known from the time of the Indians who have this type of stone formed magma, called the heart of the earth because it really comes from the heart (center) of the earth and for this reason Volcanic stones were ascribed many medicinal effects. With the development of technology and science, it really is scientifically confirmed that the volcanic rocks in itself have remarkable electromagnetic potential of the earth and that hot stone massage represents energy treatment, in the form of accumulated energy by transferring it to certain parts of the body at points in which the energy channels pass through meridians of the body.

Massage with volcanic (hot) stones is a special type of thermotherapy, which runs auto detox effect in the body, helps to relax tense muscles, improves blood flow and calms the nervous system, massage with heated stones is an ancient practice of treatment that teaches the body self-healing, establishing the proper flow of energy through "Chakras". Chakras are energy centers through which we receive, process and direct energy or vital force. With the help of the chakras, we exchange our energy with the environment, in a way to balance and collect or release energy at all levels.


Depending on the client himself, the health condition, the painful and blocked parts of the body, the desired effect of massage, the therapist creates a treatment. The heated stone and therapist become one with the goal of providing an especially beneficial effect to the client.

The therapist first warms his palms with hot stones and continues massage with stones and hands, in cases where it is necessary to provide deep tissue manipulation, puts heated, oiled stones on parts of the body of the client. The pressure is also performed with warm stones that slide through the heated tissue, providing the maximum relaxation of the muscles.

The skin shows gratitude with its silky glow and smoothness thanks to improved blood circulation and nutrition, and better performance of collagen and elastin metabolism in it. Body blood flow accelerates six to eight times, so each cell is infinitely grateful for the amount of nutrition it receives through blood.

Muscles reject the unnatural condition of tension and pain caused by fibrosites and the accumulation of lactic acid. Breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed, stress becomes annulled.

Massage with hot volcanic stones is recommended in cases of tension, aching muscles, rheumatic problems, degenerative conditions of the spine, sports injuries, insomnia, depression, irritability, PMS.

Massage with volcanic stones is complimented by the action of natural oils, which not only help rocks to slide, but also feed and nourish the skin. In particular, the relaxing effect and the tapping sounds of volcanic stones, act so that the complete treatment is a new experience and connection with nature, through touching the hot stone, essential oils and fragrances and dull tapping of the stones.

Oriental scrub "KESE"

Traditional oriental treatment for body cleansing performed in Hamam. The ritual begins in a steam bath. After warming the body, the therapist removes dead cells from the skin surface using a specific silk glove, thereby endorsing the blood flow of connective tissue. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, elastic and healthy. Follow the gentle washing of hair and body with natural soap that is prepared in a special way. Complete pleasure ends with a cup of tea in order to make up for lost fluids.

Massages of the Far East

It is no longer necessary to enjoy Asian massages only through the media, now it's available to you at the Nataly Spa Center. Our therapists will do our best to convey the spirit and style of Asian techniques for calm and relaxation. The techniques of massage of the Far East will relax your muscles and contribute to the feeling of peace and tranquility, as this will release your life energy. We are here to help you learn more about Asian massages and help you choose wisely.


Bali massage is used for centuries to regenerate the body and mind. This traditional therapy combines stretching, long strokes, palm and thumb pressure around the energy meridians on the body to relax muscle tension and stimulate the lymphatic system, which then begins regenerative action and provides relief of tension, blood flow, stress relief, and calmness of the mind. It is performed with special aromatic oil and aromatic foam in Hamam.

Hawaiian massage

Hawaiian massage achieves absolute relaxation and harmony of spirit and body, so it is ideal for those who are under daily stress. Due to the technique applied, you might feel the touch of mild sea waves instead of therapist»™s hands. Massage intensity is not the same all the time. The therapist changes the pace, listening to the body and its needs.


Lomi-lomi is an exceptional unusual type of massage because it uses a special technique for performing this massage. The therapist uses his hands only when applying the oil on part of the body to be treated, and the massage itself is performed using the forearms and elbows. Hawaiian massage achieves absolute relaxation and harmony of spirit and body, so it is ideal for those who are under daily stress.

Signature massages of the Nataly Spa team

Balkan massage

A powerful body massage that combines elements of manual - classical massage with elements of Thai, Shiatsu, reflexology, Hilot and sports massage. It is intended for clients of the Balkan region, strong physical structures and turbulent temperament, which are very often exposed to stress. This type of massage is ideal for use after a busy working day.

THAI is an ancient Thai technique that combines special massage skills, music and fragrances in order to achieve balance of body and mind. Wake up your body and your senses by completing a list of pleasures with these unusual methods.

REFLEXOLOGY - the treatment skills based on the reflex points of the feet, palms and ear lobes. The points indicated are related to the body parts through a constant energy flow. Treatment of reflex points with specific movements of thumb, fingers and palms can achieve restoring the natural flow of energy and improving general health.

The HILOT technique involves a deep massage of tissue, which is performed by hand, partly walking on the back and legs. The perfect massage technique for those who prefer stronger pressure and more powerful massages. Unlike relaxing massage, it has a much greater depth effect and is excellent for breaking the so-called fibrosites in the muscles that customers most often complain about. With this massage, you will feel the effect of relieving tendons and ligaments as well as improving mobility and easier release of toxins from tired and overcharged muscles.